The Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, Florida  SUPPORTS  SB 582

General Bill by Ray Wesley Rodrigues
and Dennis Baxley

Creating the “Parents’ Bill of Rights”; prohibiting the state, its political subdivisions, other governmental entities, or other institutions from infringing on parental rights unless specified conditions are met; requiring each district school board to develop and adopt a policy to promote parental involvement in the public school system; prohibiting health care practitioners and their employees from providing health care services or prescribing medicinal drugs to a minor child without a parent’s written consent, etc.

Read Bill text here:

SAMPLE Script to Senators:

Hello, my name is _________. I live in Hillsborough county. I’m calling today to ask for Senator _________’s support for SB582: Creating the "Parent's Bill of Rights"

This was filed by Senator Ray Wesley Rodrigues earlier this year. 

[share your WHY you understand that this is an infringement on your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS which our US Constitution protects, Why you want to prevent the government, school systems, or health practitioners, from providing health care services, prescribing meds, etc without a parent's concent"

Can we count on you to support SB582? 

Click HERE to enter your address and discover who your Senator is
Simply click on their picture for detailed information including the QUICK LINK TO EMAIL THEM DIRECTLY, both their local and Tallahassee office locations and telephone numbers, the names and contact info of their staff (who we usually really deal with), and even more valuable information.

Janet Cruz (D)

District 18

Darryl Rouson (D)
District 19

Danny Burgess (R)
District 20

Jim Boyd (R)
District 21

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