The Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, Florida  SUPPORTS

General Bill by Senator Joe Gruters (R)

Discrimination on the Basis of Personal Health Information; Prohibiting business and governmental entities that require individuals to present driver licenses and identification cards for specified purposes from taking certain actions on the basis of individuals’ vaccination status and proof of immunity from any virus; prohibiting public accommodations from discriminating against individuals on the basis of vaccination or immunity status, etc.

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SAMPLE Script to Senators:

Hello, my name is _________. I live in Hillsborough county. I’m calling today to ask for Senator _________’s support for SB364: Discrimination on the Basis of Personal Health Information.

This was filed by Senator Joe Gruters earlier this year. 

[share your WHY you understand that this is an infringement on your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS which our US Constitution protects, Why you do not want to be required to share your medical information including proof of vaccination to be required to travel or participate in large community activities.}

Can we count on you to support SB364? 

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Janet Cruz (D)
District 18

Darryl Rouson (D)

District 19

Danny Burgess (R)
District 20

Jim Boyd (R)

District 21