Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL    SUPPORTS  HB 6003

General Bill by Sabatini and Smith, D. (CO-SPONSORS) Borrero; Grieco; Hage; Harding; Roach

Vaccinations During Public Health Emergencies: Removes authority of State Health Officer to order vaccinations upon declaration of public health emergency; revises requirement that DOH adopt certain rules.

Read Bill text here:

Sample Script to Representatives:

“Hello, my name is _____.   I live in Hillsborough county. 

I am calling today to ask for Representative _________’s support for HB6003: Vaccinations under states of Emergency, filed by Rep. Anthony Sabatini earlier this year. 

Florida has a forced vaccination law FS381.00315. 

HB6003 protects those of us who are unable to receive vaccines for health reasons or for religious or philosophical objections. 

Can we count on you to support HB6003?

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