The Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL     SUPPORTS  HB 33

General Bill by Sabatini (CO-SPONSORS) Borrero

Social Media Websites: Provides that owner or operator of social media website is subject to private right of action by certain website users in this state under certain conditions; prohibits website from using hate speech as defense; authorizes AG to bring action on behalf of website users; provides exceptions.

Read Bill text here:

Hello, my name is _______________. I live in Hillsborough county. 

I’m calling today to ask for Representative ___________’s support for HB33: 

Social Media Websites. This was cosponsored by Sen. Sabatini and Sen. Borrero.

Social media sites are the new “town hall”. Freedom of speech is a first amendment right. 

Can we count on you to support HB 33?

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