Click on the picture(s) below of each of the small group(s) that you would like to get involved with.  

Many Hillsborough Libertarian Activists groups are open to both Libertarian Voters and non-party affiliated libertarian thinkers.  You are welcome to participate in many activities and even take on some leadership roles of various sub-committees or events. 
We are about creating a POSITIVE and PRINCIPLED libertarian community in support of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, Florida.
Each of these groups has a link to the master calendar but also has the ability to have group chats, to do lists, and calendars of the small group activities.  


We selected as our primary communication tool because it not only connects us all (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc) but also empowers each USER TO BE IN CONTROL of their own notifications and what they want to share of their profile with others.   (we LOVED that)   But this also means you will need to take a few minutes to look at your profile and your notifications and set them the way you would like them.    So, after you download the app to your phone or computer be sure to review your profile and notifications choices. 

We encourage adding a photo of yourself.  Why?   So we can locate you at events and build a relationship with you. 
NOTE:  These groups are monitored and are maintained for the growth and communication of the libertarian community in Hillsborough County FL.  
As such activities that are detrimental to the best interest of these groups can be deleted and repeat offenders can be removed from our groups. 


* In order to be a committee chair, have a seat on the executive committee or vote on official party matters become a member of the LPHC Party Members Only group.   These are closed groups where internal votes and decisions are made affecting the official political party.   If you are a Libertarian Voter in Hillsborough County FL, + have completed the membership form , and agreed to the Non-Aggression Principle  = you may join the voting members closed group.  This is where discussions and decisions are presented and even can be voted on that impact the local political party.

|  The LPHC Party Members Only group is open to |  Hillsborough County Libertarian Voters [LPF] in |  good standing who agree to the NAP and have 
|  completed the membership form

The Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County FL chooses to practice Libertarian Principles in all our affairs.  As such there are no dues or fees for membership.  We do, however, have many expenses associated with maintaining a viable and competitive political party.  We request that each Libertarian contribute $9/month (or more) to help us to continue to succeed and grow as our local Libertarian Party, train our activists, seek and prepare candidates, impact policy at the local level, and distribute information to all Libertarian Voters in our county.  Please donate HERE today.  You may also mail your donations via US Postal service to the address below.  Please make your check payable to the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL and include the required information of your contact info, your occupation and your employer as required by tax code.