Driving the Race to the Winners Circle by
Getting Liberty Focused Individuals Serving

We are no longer rocking back and forth like a rocking chair.  We are no longer creating a bunch of motion and momentum yet not traveling anywhere.  
WE have swapped our rocking chair in for a RACE CAR !    We are in the race to the winners circle.

We need YOUR $9/mo starting today to FUEL this improving vehicle to the winners circle.

Our fuel is the dollars you donate each month.   Without fuel, no matter how great everthing else is - our engine can not drive to the winners circle. YOUR $9/month is the FUEL that powers our engine.  Sign up to start your monthly donation today.

Our FUEL comes from YOU !! 

JOIN with us to drive into the winners circle  where people that think #LibertyFirst is more than a hashtag and that #LiveFree is more than a bumper sticker.   JOIN US in effecting change in policies to bring our Hillsborough County FL and beyond   back to the county we love and we cherish once again.   Donate today !

and for only $9/mo

The Hillsborough Libertarian Activist and Members THANK YOU in advance for your donation and continued support.  Come get ACTIVE with us !!

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