YES on SB 364
YES on FL HB 6003

There is a new dangerous threat to vaccine exemptions in Florida.


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As a Floridian, one of your greatest responsibilities is to help elect the legislators who represent you and the state's more than 14 million other residents. But your role in the democratic process of government does not end at the polls. By sharing your opinions and ideas with your Representatives and Senators in Tallahassee, you help them decide what to do about the issues and pending legislation that affect us all. They value your suggestions and encourage you to express them.

Your legislators receive a huge amount of phone calls and mail from their constituents. Unfortunately, their full agendas limit their ability to personally respond to them all. How, then, can you be sure your voice is heard? CLICK HERE for some tips to help you get the most impact out of your communications with your legislators in Tallahassee.

We are currently SUPPORTING the following bills.
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Thank You to fellow activists at FL 
Freedom Keepers
for  providing this info to our voters & volunteers.  

Volunteer Activist working from their own space on their own time are how we can work together to #KeepFLfree 

GET INVOLVED  with Hillsborough Libertarians  TODAY !  

1. Join the LPHC Political Action Krewe at
We review and make updates often. Bills can change many times over the legislative process and your timely visits, calls, and emails directed at the correct legislators are critical to this process. Even when the Florida legislature is not  in session, you can see how this is important because bills are already being filed. 

2. Stay Connected with all of the Hillsborough Libertarians at

5. CONTACT YOUR Florida Legislator to respectfully ask them to either support or oppose the bills that are before them.

  • As soon as possible, schedule an in-person meeting with your state senator and representative to express to them how important it is to your family to have religious and unrestricted medical exemptions available. Share your vaccine reaction, denial of medical care, and harassment or discrimination stories. 
  • Email your state senator and representative also using their preferred method of contact Attend events where your legislators may be speaking or presenting and express your concerns there as well.  
  • Follow your legislators on social media so you can know when and where they will be attending and speaking during the interim so that you can attend and have opportunities to provide more information and ask questions.
  • NOTE:  Your Legislative's contact information is available in the table below.
    Click on your Senators NAME in the table below for a LINK to send them an email message
CTA: CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY! If you reside in Hillsborough county then please refer to this graphic for ease. If you live in another county in FL then go to to find your reps!

Sample phone scripts:

Script to Senators:
Hello, my name is _____. I live in Hillsborough county. I’m calling today to ask for Senator _____’s support for SB520: Social Media Websites. This was filed by senator Danny Burgess earlier this year. Social media sites are the new “town hall”. Freedom of speech is a first amendment right. Can we count on you to support SB520?

Sample Script to Representatives:
“Hello, my name is _____. I live in Hillsborough county. I am calling today to ask for Representative _____’s support for HB6003: Vaccinations under states of Emergency, filed by Rep. Anthony Sabatini earlier this year. Florida has a forced vaccination law FS381.00315. HB6003 protects those of us who are unable to receive vaccines for health reasons or for religious or philosophical objections. Can we count on you to support HB6003?

NOTE:   You can change these sample scripts to reflect your position on any bill and still make a difference.  You can email, snail mail, call, or show up in person.  What's important is that the

It is our goal to educate and motivate our community to feel confident and comfortable being involved in the process of how a bill becomes a law and to activate you into becoming a part of this process with us. #TogetherWeCan promote and protect our inalienable rights and liberty.

Florida Phoenix shares some new Covid restrictions HERE for participating during this challenging time. 


Here are a couple of links to some helpful YouTube videos to get you started

What District am I in?     It will be printed on your voter registration card or you can look it up at    Here is a general map of the 4 Senate Districts that are in our county.

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