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Remember: Our new format begins this month and we as a community will be only BRIEFLY REVIEWING these reports during the meeting so that our LPHC Leadership Team can spend more time hearing from the Hillsborough Libertarians in the form of presentations, motions and even open discussions from the body.

Supporting Small Business thru Cov-19 by requesting a prorating the business personal property tax adjustment for the time they were not permitted to operate their businesses.  CLICK HERE to view the slide show presentation created by Kevin O'Neill and CLICK HERE to read the letter that Luke McClees wrote for your use.  See the behind the scene view of Kevin Presenting to Temple Terrace City Council on our online community app     click here.   

Republican commissioner to run for Senate as Libertarian    She has been a Republican but filed Wednesday as a Libertarian Party candidate amid differences with Republican Party leaders and concerns about ...
Colorado Libertarians cancel state convention, blast state's 'draconian regulations'   The Colorado Libertarian Party on Thursday canceled its annual convention in response to an order issued by Gov. Jared Polis limiting gatherings to ... 

Colorado's canceled convention pits political liberty against public safety   The Libertarians, with roughly 46,000 registered voters here in Colorado, had announced that they would hold their political convention the first weekend ...

Libertarianism and the Coronavirus – Source – Future of Freedom Foundation (03/20/2020)   Why, libertarianism of course! Join FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Citadel professor Richard Ebeling in this week's episode of The Libertarian ...

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We are Phone Calling and Door to Door Canvassing our fellow Local  Libertarians.  Can you help?  

1. Smile and introduce yourself as a fellow Hillsborough Libertarian.  Ask do you have just a moment to help us with a brief survey?

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Consider Running For Office:  We are organized both to educate the voters in county, and to help our candidates win their elections.  If you are an LPF member and want to run for office please contact us sooner than later.  We have several candidate training events in the region each quarter, and we would love to support you in your efforts to make a difference. Let us know by sending an email to [email protected]    

Congratulations! You've decided to run for office.
The LPHC Campaign Committee would like to help you get connected to our over 2000 Libertarian Voters in Hillsborough County.  Click here to see what we can do to support you.

The Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County is the official Hillsborough County affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Florida, the third largest Political Party in Florida.  It is one of the most continuously active affiliates in the state with over 2500 registered Libertarians Voters. We also reach out to the over 230,000 other third party and no party affiliated voters of Hillsborough County. Interested residents are invited to attend meetings and events to learn more about the party and become involved in local activities. We are dedicated to the ideals of liberty, freedom and limited government.  While we may differ on the details, we agree that the current governments, national, state and local, are too big, too expensive and too intrusive.                      
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